Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome to Space KSC

Welcome to Space KSC.

First, a little background history.

I'm a space geek.

My space geekiness led my wife and me to move to the Space Coast in June 2009. (The “Space Coast” is what the locals call Brevard County, where Kennedy Space Center is located.) We'd visited here many times and fell in love with the place. America's future is here.

Space Coast also happens to be the home of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, the largest wildlife refuge in the United States.

We arrived for what was envisioned to be the final two years of the Space Shuttle. Since our arrival, the future of America's space program has radically changed.

This blog's purpose is to talk about that change as it unfolds, but I also want to tell you about the wonderful life here in Space Coast. It's a company town. The company happens to be the space program. And we're on the verge of a new era in space exploration, one in which the private sector will play an increasingly large and responsible role.

Some of what I write will be controversial. Some of it will just be about the experiences of a transplanted Californian who came here to watch the future. Some it will document history.

Look for a series of posts in the days ahead as I write about what's to come in America's space program. The clock has started.

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