Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Articles of Interest

The "Articles of Interest" series of posts contain links to timely articles about the politics of space exploration, or anything else I think might interest you.

Florida Today March 10, 2010 "Panelists Criticize Space Plan" — A community space forum comprised of four individuals who had previously expressed opposition to Obama's proposed FY 2011 NASA budget ... expressed opposition to Obama's proposed FY 2011 NASA budget. No one from the Obama administration or NASA apparently was invited to present a different point of view or correct misstatements.

Florida Today March 10, 2010 "Falcon 9 Test Cut Off" — The engine abort system on a planned SpaceX Falcon 9 engine test kicked in two seconds before ignition. Another test may occur on Thursday, although the weather forecast is deteriorating. March 10, 2010 "Shuttle Leader Says Extending Program Still Feasible" — Per a Shuttle program manager, but "lawmakers lobbying to keep the orbiters flying until new commercial rockets are available to replace them would need to come up with about $2.4 billion a year to pay for it. And there would still be a two-year gap between a decision to proceed and production of new flight hardware beyond the handful of external tanks and boosters left in the shuttle inventory."

Huntsville Times March 9, 2010 "Which Track for NASA?" — Alabama's U.S. Senator Richard Shelby comments on his opposition to Obama's budget proposal. Shelby is known for his skill in directing aerospace pork to Alabama.

Aviation Week March 5, 2010 "Shuttle Will Carry Small Commercial ISS Rack"Discovery will deliver next month to the International Space Station a commercial payload called the NanoRack that is considered a demonstration of how the ISS can be used for commercial research purposes.

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