Monday, March 1, 2010

John Kelly on Obama 2011 NASA Budget Proposal

Columnist John Kelly of Florida Today reviews what's in the Obama administration's 2011 NASA budget proposal. Click here to read John's column.

Among other things, John counters the myth being circulated on certain Florida Today comment threads that "Obama cancelled NASA" or "Obama cut the NASA budget." He writes:

NASA's budget did not get cut.

Quite the contrary, President Obama wants to increase space agency spending by $1 billion next year.

That's right, the White House wants to give NASA more money to spend next year even while slashing at least $3 billion from human spaceflight programs.

One of those myths appears as
a letter to the editor in today's Florida Today. A Richard Davidson from Titusville wrote:

If any of you would like to watch a manned space launch, do it soon. The United States is abandoning its manned space program. It will not be replaced.

That's a total fabrication. I wonder why the paper publishes letters that are so easily proven false.

I'll be discussing the Obama administration's budget proposal in an upcoming blog. For now, you can read it yourself on

John Kelly is the latest fact-checker to prove this wrong. So have others, such as former CNN space anchor Miles O'Brien.

What has happened is that Obama plans to commercialize Low Earth Orbit (LEO) access, something advocated by three non-partisan commissions in the last decade — two under the Bush administration, and one under Obama. The current President decided to listen to his panel, which is the source of all the controversy. John's column gives you the details.

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