Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kosmas Using Health Care Vote for NASA?

Space Coast Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas may be attempting to swap her health care bill for a deal on NASA's FY 2011 budget.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Brevard County Representative Suzanne Kosmas repeatedly brought up President Obama's proposed FY 2011 budget when she met with Obama last week to discuss her health care vote.

According to the Sentinel Kosmas was one of the few Democratic representatives who voted against the House health care bill last year.

The article doesn't state that Kosmas offered to swap health care support for her version of a NASA budget, but it's certainly possible that she intended that implication.

SpacePolitics.com has its thoughts on this report.

Meanwhile, Space News reports that Kosmas was one of 16 House members to ask the Government Accountability Office to determine whether Obama's budget proposal breaks federal law.

Although the letter does not call on GAO to issue a report on its finding, it does ask GAO Comptroller General Gene Dodaro to expedite an investigation of NASA employees tasked with developing new human spaceflight plans. In the letter, the lawmakers assert NASA has failed to provide an answer to congressional staff inquiries submitted Feb. 22 about who is working on the new plans, how much of their workday is consumed by such tasks and from which payroll accounts the employees are being paid.

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