Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bill Would Re-Organize Space Florida

Merritt Island State Representative Steve Crisafulli

Florida Today reports that Merritt Island Representative Steve Crisafulli has introduced House Bill 451, which would reorganize the Space Florida Board of Directors.

To quote from Space Florida's web site:

Space Florida is the State of Florida’s aerospace economic development agency, empowered to leverage our state’s workforce, infrastructure and financial assets to grow the space industry three-fold by 2020. We will do this through strategic partnerships, targeted infrastructure development, workforce training and placement, initiating attractive financial incentives for new and expanding businesses, and by providing innovative STEM tools to inspire students.

I can't claim to be familiar with the intricacies of Space Florida, but given the general failure to do anything about diversifying the local economy in the six years since President Bush cancelled the Space Shuttle program in January 2004, maybe a shakeup will help. Maybe not.

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