Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Obama Pre-Game Show

Building up to the crescendo when President Obama delivers his speech today ...

The Associated Press published a list of Presidents who have visited Kennedy Space Center. Every Democratic President since its inception has visited KSC. Richard Nixon was the last Republican President to visit KSC.

Florida Today, the Space Coast home town newspaper, has a number of articles tied to today's visit. Articles with links:

Obama to Pitch Space Plan at KSC Today

SCHEDULE: What Will Happen Today at KSC

Our View: Plan Offers Hope, Concerns

Leaders Want Specifics on Jobs

Obama's Plan Transforms NASA

We Want Space Supremacy, and We're Willing to Pay for It

(A January 2010 Rasmussen Reports poll suggests the opposite, that a majority of Americans want space spending cut back and more privatization.)

Cable station News 13 has this article on today's visit.

The Orlando Sentinel article is Obama to Offer Hope to Local Space Workers During KSC Visit. There's also this commentary, "GOP Wants Budget Cuts? Start with NASA".

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