Monday, April 19, 2010

Obama's Approval Rating Up in Florida

The latest Quinnipac University poll shows President Obama's approval rating in Florida is up from January.

In the January poll, 45% approved of how Obama was doing his job while 49% disapproved. In the latest poll, 50% approve and 45% disapprove.

According to the press release:

The uptick in President Obama's job approval rating among Florida voters is largely due to his improved standing among independent voters, who give him a narrow 48 - 46 percent approval, reversing a 51 - 44 percent disapproval in January.

One Obama initiative popular with Floridians is his call for offshore oil drilling. Voters approve of offshore drilling in general 66 - 27 percent and approve drilling off the Florida coast 64 - 28 percent.

Support for Obama's proposal to drill off the Florida coast is much greater among Republicans, 79 percent, than it is among Democrats, 53 percent.

It would appear that the claims by some that the Obama administration's FY 2011 proposed NASA budget would cost the President support in Florida are unfounded.

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