Thursday, May 27, 2010

Delta IV Delays Postpone SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch reports that ULA's problems with the Delta IV have pushed back yet again the SpaceX test launch of their Falcon 9.

"Looks like the delay of the [Air Force Delta 4] GPS satellite launch has taken up a lot of resources at the Cape and in turn pushed the first test launch of Falcon 9 from May 28/29 to no earlier than June 2/3," SpaceX spokeswoman Emily Shanklin said in an e-mail sent to reporters late Tuesday.

SpaceX is also waiting for the Air Force to certify the Falcon 9 self-destruct mechanism.


  1. Please SpaceX,

    Don't set any more dates for launch, because this rocket keeps getting pushed back further and further into the future.

  2. I had read about the delay on Spaceflight Now, but it didn't mention the connection with the Delta IV launch (which I had wondered about earlier, reading of the second abort). As you note, the USAF and EBA are "still reviewing test results".

    At what point does someone from SpaceX mention "intentional foot dragging" and ask if a "matching payment" would speed things up a bit?

    Seriously, Stephen, what's your take on it?