Thursday, July 22, 2010

Florida Today Updates FY 2011 NASA Budget Process

The July 22 Florida Today updates the NASA budget process for FY 2011.

The article correctly notes the lawmakers are more interested in redirecting pork to their districts than any meaningful long-range plan for America's space program. Particularly shameful is Alabama's Senator Richard Shelby, who said:

The president's budget proposal surrendered our nation's leadership in space to the Russians, Chinese and Indians, and instead chose to set up an entitlement program for the so-called commercial space industry.

Shelby is either a shameless liar or a lunatic.

It was the Bush Administration in January 2004 that opted to go with the Russians for International Space Station access once Shuttle was retired — a decision made that month by Bush. His administration signed several agreements during the remainder of his term buying astronaut time on Soyuz.

The Chinese have launched only three human flights, none with more than two people aboard.

The Indians?! They've never even launched a human.

This is why Citizens Against Government Waste named Shelby the Porker of the Month for June 2010.


  1. "Shelby is either a shameless liar or a lunatic." That is a rather intemperate statement. You are entitled to disagree with the senator, but resorting to name calling makes your own position suspect. If you want to be taken seriously, stick to the facts and leave the name calling to the rednecks.

  2. says you gdauth. what shelby said is wrong. you come up with your own explanation. liar and lunatic are two.

  3. I'd like to add insane or unbelievably self-interested as two more possibilities. If there was any logic or reasoning behind his statements I'd be happy to debate them like a human, but there just aren't.

  4. I agree that he's a liar.. how do I know? Well, HIS LIPS WERE MOVING.

    Anyway, you probably should have said "[The Bush] administration signed several agreements during the remainder of his term buying [more] astronaut time on Soyuz." because using the Soyuz to take expedition crews to the station has been the deal since 2000 (and the plan since 1992).