Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boeing: Space Taxis by 2015

A Boeing illustration of its space taxi.

Florida Today reported on August 6 that Boeing "plans to be ready to fly commercial space taxis from Cape Canaveral to the International Space Station by 2015 and soon will decide where the spacecraft will be manufactured and assembled, officials said Thursday."

According to the Boeing press release:

Boeing is maturing the design of its CST-100 spacecraft under an $18 million Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) Space Act Agreement with NASA. The CST-100 can carry a crew of seven and is designed to support the International Space Station and the Bigelow Aerospace Orbital Space Complex.

The CST-100 will be bigger than Apollo but smaller than Orion, and be able to launch on a variety of different rockets, including Atlas, Delta and Falcon. It will use a simple systems architecture and existing, proven components. The "100" in CST-100 refers to the 100 kilometers from the ground to low Earth orbit.

"Falcon" refers to the rocket under development by SpaceX.

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  1. That six person graphic is awesome. I expect NASA won't like the stacking though.