Friday, October 1, 2010


I've been scarce in recent days for a few reasons, the main one being my personal computer suffered the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, or B.S.O.D.

It's a phenomenon unique to Microsoft Windows computers, so I'm sure those of you in the Macintosh and Linux worlds are having a good chortle at my expense.

After three days in the shop, it appears the problem might have been related to Norton Anti-Virus. I deleted NAV from my Windows Vista computer and the problem went away — for a while.

Anyway, the B.S.O.D. and other matters have kept me from commenting on Brevard County space.

The House ignored the pork-laden FY2011 NASA bill that came out of its own space subcommittee and instead voted 304-118 (72%) to approve the less pork-laden Senate version. A two-thirds approval was needed on the House floor to pass the Senate bill, which means many Republicans voted for it, so it was a pretty clear rejection of their own subcommittee's version.

The final bill, S. 3729, goes to President Obama for signature. The White House endorsed the bill and urged the House to approve it, so it seems likely the President will sign it into law.

Click here to read the 42-page bill in its entirety. I want to find the time to read through it myself, but as noted I haven't had the time and won't for a while.

Florida Today reports that 900 United Space Alliance workers were laid off today, although they'd known for years this day was coming.

On a personal note ... I wrote on September 9 about the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station museums and tour. I've been accepted to be trained as a docent by the Air Force Space & Missile Museum. I'm told it will give me access to many historic locations at CCAFS, so hopefully I'll be able to do photos, video and write articles about CCAFS history.

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