Tuesday, October 5, 2010


No, President Bush didn't really hand out Easter eggs at a 2005 press conference supposedly called to announce the cancellation of the Space Shuttle program.

Florida Today published a letter in its October 5 edition that, while well-intentioned, cited phony remarks by former President Bush about the Shuttle program.

President Bush sent shuttle fleet packing

After reading another letter blaming President Obama for the demise of NASA, I came away wondering where the writer was when President Bush signed a decree canceling federal funds for the shuttle program?

Bush stated: "We cannot find any justification to continue the deficit funding of a program that has no application other than proving that, with enough money, America can do anything."

That was in 2005, so one must ask why Obama is being blamed for the dismantling of the shuttle program.

Going further, Bush commented: "I don't want to see another NASA administrator -- appointed on my watch -- left to justify a program to Congress based on lies, disinformation, half-truths and sexed-up reports."

It was in 2004 that Bush announced a plan to shut down the shuttle program -- long before the name Obama was known to most Americans.

At the time, the Republican Party controlled the House and Senate and could have easily overridden any veto by the president. But they choose to stay silent.

Now that reality has set in, these same legislators and NASA workers are lying to themselves as to who is responsible. They never believed it would end.

George Bush is long gone, but his deeds are still with us.

Gary Guido
Merritt Island

Although Mr. Guido is right about Bush cancelling Shuttle, the quotes are totally bubkes.

The quotes came from an April Fools day article that was posted April 1, 2005 on the Space Daily web site.

Among the clues that the article is fake is that it claims Bush handed out at the press conference Easter eggs he bought at Wal-Mart, and a quote that he was going to sell the International Space Station on eBay.

Earlier this year, I covered the history of Shuttle's cancellation in two articles:

"Why Bush Cancelled the Space Shuttle"

"When Bush Cancelled the Space Shuttle"

I have a third article in mind which will be written when I have the time that looks at the aftermath of Bush's Vision for Space Exploration and the failure to properly fund it.

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