Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Masten Space Systems Plans Suborbital Flight from CCAFS

Florida Today reports that Masten Space Systems intends to fly a suborbital test flight from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in 2011.

A rapid-prototyping rocket technology company, Masten intends to provide scientists and researchers with low-cost access to the suborbital space environment.

The company ultimately hopes to fly several missions per day from multiple spaceports.

Colin Ake, director of business development at Masten, said the demonstration flight at Cape Canaveral would enable the company to determine whether it can conduct cost-effective flights on the Space Coast.

"We've been looking at Florida as a launch option for some time now," company founder and CEO Dave Masten said.

"We are excited to begin the process of determining if Launch Complex 36 is a good location for our flight operations."

Launch Complex 36 is currently operated by Space Florida.

Click here to visit the Masten Space Systems web site.

Their vision statement:

Our goal at Masten Space Systems is to become the premier provider of unmanned suborbital flight services for the commercial, scientific, and educational communities. In order to meet that goal, we have been developing the eXtreme Altitude (XA) series of reusable vertical takeoff vertical landing (VTVL) suborbital vehicles. The capabilities we are trying to develop for these vehicles will provide researchers and educators with an experience unlike anything possible with current sounding rockets. Our goal is to provide not just a launch system, but also a full suite of services and tools that allow the researcher, technology developer, or educator to focus all of their attention on their specific project. We want to take the hassles, delays, paperwork, and distractions out of performing world-class suborbital science, while providing a solution affordable enough that anyone can participate.

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