Thursday, November 18, 2010

SpaceX Delayed by Spacecraft Integration

A SpaceX computer-generated image of their Dragon spacecraft with its solar panels deployed.

Florida Today reports that integrating their Dragon spacecraft with their Falcon 9 rocket is the main reason for delaying their next test launch, scheduled for December 7 at CCAFS.

"We believe we're in very good posture for the upcoming mission with the booster," Ken Bowersox, the company's vice president of mission assurance and astronaut safety, said today. "What’s delayed us most is integrating the spacecraft."

"It's interesting — you'd think the spacecraft on the front is the tiny, simple part, but it’s actually just as complicated or more complicated than that big old booster that takes it up into orbit," he continued. "So we're working through some final integration activities now, and should be launching soon."

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