Thursday, December 16, 2010

KSCVC Bids for Orbiter

Artist's conception of a possible future orbiter exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Florida Today reports that the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has submitted a proposal to display when of the three remaining Space Shuttle orbiters once the fleet retires, currently scheduled for sometime in 2011.

Discovery is already committed to the National Air and Space Museum, which currently has Enterprise. That prototype will go elsewhere, with Atlantis and Endeavour going to the bidders who best fit the terms as specified by Congressional legislation.

More on the competition at, which suggests the NASM might not receive Discovery after all.

Ignoring for the moment that winning bidders must come up with $28 million to ready and transport the orbiter, my personal choices are:

* Send Enterprise to Edwards Air Force Base where it flew its test flights.

* One of the three orbiters to the NASM.

* One to KSCVC.

* One to Houston for display at the Johnson Space Center.

But money and politics will most certainly influence the process, so don't be surprised if an orbiter winds up in some place with no historical relationship to the Shuttle program.

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