Thursday, March 3, 2011

Orbiter Retirement Decision Planned for April 12

Florida Today reports NASA Administrator Charles Bolden told the House Appropriations Committee today that he'll announce on April 12 which sites will be chosen to house the Space Shuttle orbiters in retirement.

To quote from the article:

Discovery, now in orbit, is headed to the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum. The other two — Atlantis and Endeavour — will go to educational facilities — such as museums — that have yet to be named.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is one of 29 locations seeking an orbiter. It announced plans in December to build a $100 million exhibit as the centerpiece.

The report doesn't note that Enterprise, currently displayed by the Smithsonian, will go elsewhere once the museum receives Discovery.


  1. I forgot about Enterprise. That gives one more orbiter to head somewhere. I met you at the Space Missile Museum..heads up they are hiring. Cheers,

  2. Thank you. I was told they were hiring part-time Communicator I position, so I sent in a résumé on Monday but haven't heard anything.

    Come visit our History Center some time!

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  4. sorry...I do know how to email you!