Thursday, March 31, 2011

SpaceX Signs Contract to Fly British Satellites

Florida Today reports that SpaceX has signed a contract to launch small satellites for England's Surrey Satellite Technology.

"We actually see SpaceX as one of the things that will open up the American market to small satellites," said Philip Davies, business development manager with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. in Surrey, England.

The company has built nearly 40 dishwasher-sized satellites, which are used for communications and Earth imaging. It sees a growing market once SpaceX establishes itself as a low-cost launch provider. That California-based company, owned by Internet tycoon Elon Musk, has had two successful launches from Cape Canaveral and plans a third this summer.

"The world's appetite for data from imaging satellites is growing exponentially," Davies said. "We see SpaceX as one of the key developments with having cost-effective launches here in the U.S."

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