Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cabana: "A Lot of Great Work" on the Way

KSC Director Bob Cabana at Tuesday's National Space Club meeting. Photo source: Florida Today.

Florida Today reports on yesterday's presentation by Kennedy Space Center director Bob Cabana at the monthly National Space Club meeting.

The number of jobs at Kennedy Space Center will fall to about 8,000 this year, then will begin to grow by as many as 2,000 jobs spanning several years as new programs are created, KSC Director Bob Cabana said Tuesday before the National Space Club.

"If we really do this right, we'll get back to where there are 10,000 contractors and civil servants," Cabana said at the group's monthly meeting.

The article quotes Cabana as saying NASA will announce in July the architecture of the Space Launch System mandated by Congress in the Fiscal Year 2011 budget. It also reports that the Obama administration's FY 2012 budget proposal includes $2 billion in upgrades for Kennedy Space Center, but it's up to Congress to actually include it in the budget.

Reporter Patrick Peterson wrote that Cabana's speech was "met with silence from the audience of several hundred space industry officials and employees." But as a National Space Club member and occasional luncheon attendee, my observation has been that most speakers are "met with silence." Most of the attendees are industry insiders there to network and read the tea leaves. The only way to get a rousing ovation out of this group would be to promise them generous no-bid government contracts.

The article concludes:

"It's going to be difficult, but we're pulling together a master plan," Cabana said. "We have to make these changes regardless of what the next vehicle is. We're not going out of business. We've got a lot of great work coming our way."

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