Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Florida Today on "NASA's Webb Decacle"

Following up on yesterday's investigative report exposing James Webb Space Telescope mismanagement, Florida Today published today an editorial highly critical of NASA's inability to manage large projects.

The damage to NASA’s credibility is severe and further reduces confidence in the agency’s ability to meet fiscal and launch targets for its post-shuttle manned spaceflight program.

It also shows the wisdom in having commercial space companies push forward to start launching astronauts aboard private space taxis from Cape Canaveral around 2015 rather than relying on NASA.

The last sentence in my opinion is particularly striking. Florida Today, to my recollection, has gradually evolved in favor of supporting commercial crew development, but never been so blunt in concluding that CCDev is necessary because NASA can't do the job.

That conclusion may not go down well with some of their readers, especially those who draw a paycheck from NASA human space flight programs.

Yesterday's blog: JWST Billions Over Budget, Years Behind Schedule.

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