Sunday, July 24, 2011

Florida Today Opines on U.S. Space Future

Two articles in Florida Today the future of U.S. human space flight.

Columnist John Kelly addresses myths and facts that keep circulating.

A debate about the United States' future in space exploration, and our community's place in it, is important to have. The end of the shuttle program provides a fitting backdrop to that discussion. One program is ending, so naturally the question is what's next. However, like so much of the debate of these times, the air is filled with name-calling, partisan-fueled rhetoric and other misinformation that can only hinder a true examination of what needs to happen next.

Over on the editorial page, the featured column "Unity of Purpose" argues that people clinging to a Moon mission fantasy need to let go. "It’s time to leave that wishful thinking behind and move on."

There is, bluntly, neither the money nor political will to fund something like the Constellation moon program, which was canceled after a review put its ultimate price as high as $300 billion.

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