Monday, July 18, 2011

Orlando Sentinel: "Sandy Adams' Space Problem"

On July 13 I wrote an article titled "Sandy Adams' Parallel Universe" about the lies and smears told by the Congressional representative of Kennedy Space Center and certain nearby towns.

It seems the Orlando Sentinel beat me by two days.

Opinion columnist Mile Lafferty wrote on July 11 about Adams reciting talking points in a Fox News interview rather than explaining what she'd do about lost KSC jobs.

Lafferty wrote:

She might be a fiscal conservative, but Adams was willing to spend untold amounts of money to keep the shuttle flying and government-supported workers on the payroll until a replacement launch vehicle was ready. It’s right here in her campaign web site ...

Criticizing Obama’s space policy also puts Adams in the uncomfortable position of criticizing the shift from a top-down program that’s run by government to one that encourages private entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Robert Bigelow, who are innovating and developing their own launchers and spacecraft. In fact, NASA just signed a deal with Sierra Nevada, a company that’s building its own shuttle-like orbiter that could take astronauts to the space station.

In fact, space travel seems to be entering something of a golden age for the private sector, thanks in part to the administration’s policies. Seems like that’s the kind of shift a conservative like Adams might embrace a little more enthusiastically.

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