Thursday, October 6, 2011

CCAFS Toxic Cleanup Continues

The U.S. Air Force web site reported October 5 on continuing efforts at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to clean up toxic hazards left by decades of contamination.

Since the ERP was instituted here in 1984, the base ERP has identified 127 contaminated sites covering almost 2,400 acres and committed $175 million to investigating and cleaning them up, according to Regina Butler, the 45th SW restoration project manager.

Using a range of treatment techniques, 74 percent have reached site completion status and been returned for mission use without restrictions, with another 24 percent cleared for safe industrial use with some limited use controls, according to the Cape Canaveral AFS environmental management team. Final remedies have been initiated at two of the three remaining sites, and ERP personnel are working with the deactivation team at the final site, an active launch complex, to align cleanup efforts with mission needs for the launch pad's final launch. All sites are on track to have a remedy in place by 2012 according to Cape Canaveral AFS environmental reports.

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