Monday, October 24, 2011

NASA Releases Latest CCDev Report

Astronaut Lee Archambault, who commanded the STS-119 mission, has been assigned as a NASA liaison to Sierra Nevada. Image source: NASA.

NASA releases reports every 60 days on the progress of the Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program.

The latest report begins:

Over the last two months, NASA’s industry partners demonstrated substantial progress toward achieving crewed spaceflight in the middle of the decade by completing six more Space Act Agreement milestones. In just six short months since the Commercial Crew Development Round 2 partners were selected, they have completed 21 of the 57 planned milestones.

The report also lists astronauts assigned to CCDev participants "to work closely with our partners to help them develop and demonstrate crewed spacecraft systems. NASA's crew members evaluate the partners’ designs, and provide them feedback and recommendations based on lessons learned from their real experiences living and working in space."

The astronauts and their assignments are:

  • Blue Origin — Tim Kopra, Colonel USAF (ret), Mission Specialist on ISS Expedition 20
  • Boeing — Mike Foreman, Captain, USN, Mission Specialist on STS-123 and 129
  • SpaceX — Tony Antonelli, Commander, USN, Pilot on STS-119 and STS-132
  • Sierra Nevada — Lee Archambault, Colonel, USAF, Pilot on STS-117, Commander on STS-119
  • United Launch Alliance — Stan Love, Ph.D., Mission Specialist on STS-122
  • ATK — Scott Tingle, Commander, USN, selected as a NASA astronaut in 2009, graduate of Astronaut Candidate Training

In chronological order, here are the links to the three reports issued to date:

Issue 1 (June 2011)

Issue 2 (August 2011)

Issue 3 (October 2011)

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