Wednesday, October 19, 2011

State Entourage Visits KSC

Florida Today reports a state entourage led by Governor Rick Scott toured space facilities yesterday and offered rhetorical, if not guaranteed financial, support.

They generally applauded the work done by Space Florida, the state’s aerospace economic development agency, to promote an emerging market for commercial space activity and to help companies navigate partnerships with NASA and the Air Force.

But they said the state could help even more by providing steady funding over time, making the Cape more business-friendly and helping to fight for the state’s interests in Washington.

“Whatever you do, it helps if it’s predictable and consistent,” said Ken Bowersox, a SpaceX executive and former astronaut.

He noted that the state Department of Transportation this year committed $15 million for infrastructure upgrades at spaceports but included no money for such projects in a five-year work plan unveiled to county officials last week.

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