Thursday, November 10, 2011

Faith of the Heart

Click the arrow to watch "Faith of the Heart."

Star Trek: Enterprise, the fifth Star Trek series, featured a breathtaking title sequence with a theme song called Where My Heart Will Take Me written by Diane Warren and performed by Russell Watson. Originally titled Faith of the Heart, it was recorded in 1998 by Rod Stewart, then reworked in 2001 for use as the theme song for Enterprise.

I always found this song to be very inspirational, as was the visual montage, and wanted to do something that was a little more NASA-specific.

The result is the video above. Enjoy.

If you want to watch the original version on Enterprise, please click the arrow below.


  1. Good job. Very emotional for me to watch. I have been a fan of the space program since STS-1 and while I didn't wind up an engineering graduate from Purdue... it was the reason I went there. The space program has shaped more of my life than I care to admit in some ways... there's a reason I have a pewter Shuttle stack on my charm bracelet...

  2. Re the Shuttle charm, our house is filled with Shuttle kitsch. But we're posers compared to the folks living here who actually worked on the program over the decades. You walk into their houses and find all sorts of stuff that humbles you, e.g. STS-1 manuals and posters signed by Young and Crippen.