Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SLS Mobile Launcher Heading for LC-39B

The Ares Mobile Launcher under construction in January 2010. It will be converted for use with the Space Launch System. reports that the mobile launcher originally designed for Ares I will roll out to Launch Complex 39-B later this month as part of a design test for the Space Launch System.

After being parked up for over a year, the ML is set to take its longest journey this month, as managers finalize their assessments for taking the massive structure out to Pad 39B.

“Provide impact assessment for performing a move of the ML to Pad B approximately November 16,” noted an expansive overview presentation acquired by L2. “Move is achievable in timeframe mandated. Structural and functional engineering tests will be accomplished.”

Four key tests will be involved, relating to the structural response of the ML during rollout, structural clearance, HVAC (Air Conditioning) pressurization, and Tower Fire Suppression testing. The ML will be powered up via the pad.

Following a media event whilst at the pad, the return trip will also involve structural testing, conducted during and after it returns to the park site.

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