Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Space Coast Could Lose House Seat

Florida Today reports that a proposed redrawing of Florida's Congressional districts would leave the Space Coast with one representative instead of two.

Right now, District 15 includes Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and is represented by Bill Posey. District 24 includes Kennedy Space Center and is represented by Sandy Adams.

Under the redistricting, all of Brevard County would fall into Posey's District 15, leaving the Space Coast with one voice in the House instead of two.

UPDATE November 30, 2011Florida Today updates their report on the redistricting.

“On the congressional districts, I prefer to have more representation than less representation,” said Brevard County Commission Chairman Chuck Nelson, whose district borders both Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. “I personally believe it's more beneficial to have more than one. It gives us additional resources at whatever the legislative level is. The more representation you have means the more interests you have and the more people who have concern with what's going on within your county.”

UPDATE December 4, 2011Florida Today columnist John Kelly comments on the redistricting proposal.

The county has benefitted from having two representatives and two senators with strong interest in the well-being of the space program and, particularly, the launch operations at KSC and the Cape. How much so is difficult to gauge and certainly the current two representatives are still new enough to Congress that their political influence in Washington is still developing.

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