Saturday, November 12, 2011

SpaceX Scouting for a Private Launch Site

Florida Today reports that SpaceX is scouting locations outside of the Space Coast as potential launch sites for future operations.

Anticipating a sharp increase in its launch rate in the coming years, SpaceX is hunting for a new launch pad and considering several sites outside the Space Coast.

CEO Elon Musk wants a pad exclusively to serve commercial customers, one that might be based in Texas, Virginia, Puerto Rico or as far away as Hawaii ...

With an all-commercial launch site, SpaceX is seeking more freedom to launch when and how it wants, with fewer of the restrictions on launch opportunities and access that apply on secure military facilities.

Some Brevard County leaders have argued that the Space Coast should have a monopoly controlling U.S. launches.

A March 11, 2010 Florida Today editorial demanded that President Obama mandate future commercial launches in the United States be legal only at Kennedy Space Center.

That was followed by Senator Bill Nelson stating on March 19, 2010 that he was writing legislation which would force commercial companies to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

These monopolistic proposals, of course, went nowhere.

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