Thursday, December 15, 2011

GAO: NASA Properly Managing ISS

The Government Accountability Office issued an audit report today approving of NASA's management of International Space Station resources.

Click here to read the report. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

The report concludes:

Extending the operational life of the ISS to 2020 will allow NASA and the United States to capitalize on the nearly two decades and billions of dollars invested in its construction and operation. During the time required to finish ISS construction, however, many changes occurred in the assumptions and conditions underlying NASA’s initial ISS supportability strategy—the planned operational life of the ISS has extended, the space shuttle program has ended, and [Orbital Replacement Units] on the ISS are lasting longer than originally expected. In response to the changing conditions, NASA has appropriately evolved its strategy for supporting the ISS through 2020. Assessing ISS extended life necessarily requires the use of sophisticated analytical techniques and judgments. To that end, the agency has adopted reasonable approaches and methodologies for estimating the spares needed for continued operation and ensuring that the ISS structure and hardware are safe for operation through 2020 and potentially beyond.

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