Thursday, December 15, 2011

NASA Releases CCDev Report #4

NASA releases reports every 60 days on the progress of the Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program.

The main article is about the progress made by Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS). Regarding CCDev, the report states:

NASA’s industry partners continue to demonstrate design and development progress for their commercial crew transportation systems. During the past two months, five more SAA milestones and one formal interim step for a future milestone were accomplished on the road to eventual commercial space transportation services. In total over the past eight months, NASA’s Commercial Crew Development Round 2 partners have completed 26 of the 62 planned milestones.

In chronological order, here are the links to the four reports issued to date:

Issue 1 (June 2011)

Issue 2 (August 2011)

Issue 3 (October 2011)

Issue 4 (December 2011)

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