Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shuttle Stacked

The iconic KSCVC external tank and solid rocket boosters are now in storage.

On November 30 I wrote about the removal of the iconic external tank and solid rocket boosters from the front of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. They've been moved to make room for the new Atlantis museum.

The tank and boosters are being stored in a transfer yard on Space Commerce Road until KSCVC can find a recipient. I drove past this afternoon and shot the above photo of the items in the transfer yard.

The Space Shuttle program's two payload canisters were stored in the same location. According to a post on, at least one has been dismantled for scrap but that's unconfirmed. reported on November 29 that the Shuttle stack had been offered to Space Center Houston, but they were "unable to take the boosters and tank." The Houston attraction will receive the orbiter mockup Explorer that was on display at KSCVC next to the tank and boosters.

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  1. Drove my this site a few days ago and it was a nice -- if not a little unsettling -- surprise to see NASA equipment up close. Added your link to my blog with some other info on Charlie Bell's scrap yard on SR 3 just south of the entrance to the Space Center: