Friday, January 6, 2012

Barbara Morgan: No Limits

Astronaut Barbara Morgan appears at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex through January 8.

Barbara Morgan was an Idaho grade school teacher when she was selected in 1985 for NASA's Teacher in Space program. Morgan was assigned as the backup for Christa McAuliffe for the STS-51L Challenger flight.

After Challenger and its crew were destroyed on January 28, 1986, Morgan remained with NASA's education division while she resumed her teaching duties in Idaho.

In 1998, NASA made her a full-time astronaut and began training her as a mission specialist. She went to space in August 2007 aboard the STS-118 Endeavour flight.

Morgan is now appearing at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Astronaut Encounter through Sunday January 8. I attended her presentation yesterday and was reminded by how inspirational her career and life have been for those of us who support space exploration.

In late 2008, PBS released a one-hour documentary about her titled, Barbara Morgan: No Limits. You can watch it online (click here) or click the arrow below. Well worth the hour of your time to be inspired yet again.

Watch Barbara Morgan: No Limits on PBS. See more from Idaho Public Television Specials.

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