Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jobs Lost — and Not — at KSC

Florida Today space columnist John Kelly looks at what jobs were lost — and which jobs were not — at Kennedy Space Center as the Space Shuttle program ended.

An analysis last year of federal government payroll data by USA Today showed that NASA had among the lowest percentages of people laid off or fired among all federal agencies. In the shuttle’s final year of flight, the agency had just 13 people let go out of a nationwide work force of almost 19,000 people ...

NASA still has a relatively flat budget, with the same amount of money being spent on the same kinds of projects, but they’re different ones, and new contractors are being hired.

NASA hired the United Space Alliance to operate its space shuttle fleet day to day. After years of service, NASA shut down the shuttle program that was the company’s primary reason to exist. So, most of the company’s workers were no longer needed after closing flights last year. A few are left preparing the orbiters for museums.

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