Saturday, February 25, 2012

Truth in Advertising

Florida Today published today a column by "economic consultant" Howard Fishkind titled, "What Does Obama Budget Mean?"

His Q&A begins:

Q:President Obama released his proposed budget earlier this month. It has $2.1 billion for NASA’s space port projects and that, I believe, represents a substantial increase.

FISHKIND: It sure does, almost $300 million over last year. This is a big deal, and NASA is accelerating its attempt to get the private sector involved in the launch process. That’s another $300 million worth of contracts to be let this year, so they’ve done a pretty good job now of stepping up after the space program shut down.

"... After the space program shut down." Huh?!

The space program never "shut down." In fact, its current fiscal year budget is $17.7 billion.

Misleading claims like this only further confuse casual readers into thinking NASA is out of business, when the exact opposite is the truth. I e-mailed Mr. Fishkind asking him to print a retraction and correction. We'll see.

The rest of the article does note "$41 million for Kennedy Space Center’s planned multi-use launch facility, and another $404 million goes to upgrading the ground support systems for NASA’s new heavy lift rocket, and much of that is spent directly at KSC."

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