Thursday, March 22, 2012

In the House

Click the arrow to watch the March 20 budget hearing for the FAA's Office of Space Transportation.

Click the arrow to watch the March 21 budget hearing for NASA.

The House of Representatives held two hearings in recent days about proposed Fiscal Year 2013 budgets for agencies that affect the Space Coast.

Tuesday's hearing for the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Space Transportation may be more obscure for space advocates, but is quite important. The FAA has the responsibility for licensing and regulating space launch and re-entry. NASA partners with commercial space to help nurture the industry, but the FAA will regulate commercial space just as it regulates commercial airlines.

Wednesday's NASA budget hearing was yet another grilling for NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden. In my opinion, the majority of these representatives remain tone deaf when it comes to accelerating commercial space so we can stop paying Russia $63 million per astronaut for a space taxi service. They seem quite happy sending tax dollars and jobs to Russia.

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