Sunday, April 8, 2012

BCC to Answer "What's Next" Question

Florida Today space columnist John Kelly reports that Brevard Community College will host a critical roundtable this Friday discussing what's next for Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Frank DiBello, the president of Space Florida, is lobbying to keep the state — notably, Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral — at the center of whatever the country is doing in space launch and exploration. He’s not only interacting with government leaders in Washington and Tallahassee, on your behalf, but he’s also helping broker deals with the growing number of private companies trying to break into the space launch business, convincing them that the available facilities and expertise make this the place to be.

Janet Petro, NASA’s deputy director at KSC, oversees the work of the 9,000 or so government and contractor workers still working on projects at the space center. She and her colleagues are in the midst of a lot more work than you might imagine, including the high-stakes effort to transition human flights to low-Earth orbit from a NASA responsibility to one handled by private companies ...

Mike Leinbach, the veteran head of the shuttle launch team at KSC, is now leading the human spaceflight efforts of rocket company United Launch Alliance. He’s working on everything from the design of ground facilities to the processes and procedures needed to make the company’s Atlas V rocket the next American rocket to carry people to space.

Click here for the BCC schedule and directions to the event.  It's on April 13 at 7 PM EDT on the Cocoa campus in the Planetarium.

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