Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Charlie Bolden, Face to Face

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NASA Administrator Charles Bolden appeared today on Face to Face, a CBS News midweek online spinoff from Face the Nation.

The video is above, or click here to read the transcript.

Bill Plante: Well you were talking about the future, and everybody I think wonders, when they think about NASA, if there's nothing to get us into space what is next?

Charles Bolden: Oh we're in space all the time. We've been onboard the international space station now for almost 12 years solid, without interruption, not a second has passed over the last almost 12 years that we've not had at least 1 American astronaut and at least 1 Russian cosmonaut working together on the international space station, usually with crew members from a couple of other nations. We've been in space, we use the Soyuz to get us there right now. But we've got a company called SpaceX that's going to launch probably the 30th of this month, on a cargo demonstration, and then [Orbital Sciences] will follow in the summer. And we have a competition underway right now so we can determine which commercial company or private company is going to carry our own astronauts so we can bring that responsibility back here to American soil.

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