Monday, April 30, 2012

SpaceX Swag!

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex gift shop has a few SpaceX items for sale, the first time I've seen them sell any SpaceX items.

Below are photos of the items for sale. They have a Dragon polo shirt, a SpaceX T-shirt, a Dragon cap and a COTS-2 patch.

To order, call the gift shop at (800) 621-9826 and select extension 1.

UPDATE May 2, 2012 — SpaceX merchandise is now for sale at KSCVC's Apollo Saturn V Center as well:


  1. I haven't seen SpaceX gear sold anywhere. I've tried to find it on their own website several times without success.

    Today I called the KSC toll-free number to order, and the very nice lady on the phone mentioned that she wished that KSC would put it on their website. I got the distinct impression that they've been inundated with phone orders.

  2. Thanks for the report. I just posted photos in the same article of the same merchandise for sale at the Apollo Saturn V Center.

    As for SpaceX online, I did find their online store but it's employees only and you need an account/password to enter. So much for that.

  3. I found this post in a comment last night at They have a pretty large readership, which may explain the inundation.

    1. I just got a complementary t-shirt from SpaceX, I own a small business and they purchased some product from me. I hope everything goes well for them tomorrow!!!!