Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Another prescribed burn was held today at Kennedy Space Center, in the general vicinity of Launch Complex 39-B and its crawlerway. Below are photos.

The morning prescribed burn as seen from the Vehicle Assembly Building north door. That's the Space Launch System mobile launcher in the foreground.

The prescribed burn beyond LC-39B as viewed from Universal Camera Site 7 on the Cape Road.

The burn as seen from the entrance to LC-39B.

The burn as viewed from the "Y" from Saturn Causeway to the two LC-39 launch pads.

In the afternoon, another prescribed burn, this time along the LC-39B causeway. This photo was taken from Universal Camera Site 7. Note the VAB in the distance on the left.

The afternoon burn as viewed from the parking lot just outside the LC-39B gate.

Along the LC-39B causeway. The fires were near the liquid nitrogen pipeline.

The only "smoke and fire" today at Kennedy Space Center.

UPDATE July 30, 2012 — Another prescribed burn was conducted on July 28. Below are photos of the smoke column as seen from the KSC Visitor Complex.

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