Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

Click the arrow to watch the Morpheus crash on YouTube.

The NASA Morpheus Lander crashed, burned and for good measure exploded during a test flight earlier today at Kennedy Space Center.

According to Florida Today:

The Morpheus Lander, fueled by four tanks holding liquid oxygen and liquid methane, rose a short distance before keeling over on its side and landing with an explosion at its pad at the north end of the Shuttle Landing Facility.

Another explosion occurred about 10 seconds later, according to a video posted by Central Florida News 13.

NASA posted a short Twitter message saying the lander “experienced a failure, causing it to catch fire. No one was injured. Information will be released as soon as possible.

UPDATE August 10, 2012 — NASA posted this video of the Morpheus tests to date, including its fatal flight:

According to this morning's Florida Today, a backup unit will be pressed into service to continue tests.

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