Monday, September 24, 2012

Danger, Will Robinson!

Danger! Clicking the arrow will show you a video about the Robot B9 replicas!

Among the artifacts in the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Early Space Exploration exhibit is a replica of the Lost in Space General Utility Non-Theorizing Envrionmental Control Robot, Model B9.

You may know it simply as "Robot."

It was built by Mike Joyce, the proprietor of B9Creations in Rapid City, South Dakota. His company is licensed to produce Robot replicas.

Below are photos of the Robot in the context of its exhibit.


  1. Thanks for your photos! Nice to see where it finally ended up.

  2. I was honored to be there at the presentation. What a thrill! Got to meet Shiela Allen and the most famous astronauts on the planet (Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell et al...)
    It was only by coincidence I stayed at the famous Holiday Inn in Coco Beach which happened to be hosting a NASA autograph event. The hotel was sold out but the manager turned out to be a huge robot fan and gave me VIP access!!
    It was really a life event for me... (not kidding here! Couldn't have arranged such a trip if I tried) I'll remember it fondly forever...