Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama Confirmed for Space Coast Rally, Campaign Releases Space Position Paper

Click the arrow to watch Barack Obama's August 2, 2008 campaign stop in Titusville.

Several press releases today confirmed that President Barack Obama will hold a rally Sunday in Melbourne.

According to one press release, the event is scheduled for 11:10 AM at the Charles & Ruth Clemente Center at Florida Tech.

The President's Florida campaign office also issued a press release titled, "Obama for America-Florida Announces New Report on President Obama’s Accomplishments with the Space Community." It includes a link to the report, available at this link.

The report touts Obama's extending the life of the International Space Station beyond the 2015 it would have been defunded under the prior administration. It promotes Obama's support of commercial spaceflight, including "Increased Commercialization Benefits from Space Technology." It also states that "President Obama has continued and further developed NASA's position as a key investor in science."

The final paragraph recalls that Obama cancelled Constellation because it "would not produce its planned space vehicles in a timely way, and its development could force cuts to the International Space Station and other critical programs." The paragraph concludes by noting that Obama supports the Space Launch System, "which will serve as the backbone of [NASA's] human space exploration program in the post-Shuttle era." The SLS discussion is limited compared to the rest of the report, which suggests it's not as big a priority for the administration as the rest of the discussed NASA programs.

Obama's Sunday appearance is described by a press release as a "grassroots event."

At the grassroots event on Sunday the President will speak about what’s at stake in this election for Floridians and his vision for moving this country forward. President Obama understands that Americans have a choice in this election between two competing visions of how to grow the economy, create more jobs and pay down the debt. President Obama has already cut taxes for a typical family by $3,600 since taking office — helping families send their kids to college, buy their first home, and pay for health and child care. The President also placed seniors’ health at the forefront of his administration, securing $4,200 in savings for all beneficiaries and closing the gap, known as the “doughnut hole,” by $600. President Obama has committed to fight for the middle class and those striving to be in the middle class, because he believes that everyone deserves a fair shot, and an economy built to last, created from the middle out and not top down.

President Obama has laid out an ambitious new direction for NASA, laying the groundwork for a sustainable program of exploration and innovation. Under President Obama, we’ve developed a commercial space industry capable of launching a rocket to the international space station and successfully landed on Mars the most sophisticated roving laboratory ever to land on another planet. NASA’s investments in research and technology development have a profound economic impact on Florida, with the agency investing over nearly $900 million in Florida while directly employing over 2,000 NASA workers. Over the past few months, Mitt Romney has hoped that Floridians wouldn’t notice how he has no plan for NASA nor any vision for space exploration outside of the Romney-Ryan budget that would devastate the space program. Mitt Romney continues to fail to present Americans a plan for the future of NASA and the program that is forever etched in our nation’s history.

Obama made a campaign stop in Titusville during the 2008 election. (The video link is at the top of the article.) Critics have claimed that Obama broke promises made in that speech. Click here to read my August 2011 article reviewing Obama's 2008 speech, which promises were kept, and which were broken.

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