Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Democratic Platform on Space

Last week I posted an article about the 2012 Republican Party national platform passage on space. It was two paragraphs of rhetoric with no details or explanations for how they would fund their proposals.

The Democratic platform is out. If you're looking for more substance ... go re-read the Republican platform.

The GOP had a section on space. The Democratic platform has only a fleeting reference, on the eleventh page of the document, in a section titled Out-Innovating the Rest of the World:

Democrats are committed to preparing math and science teachers and training workers with skills for the future, and doubling funding for key basic research agencies. We support expanding and making permanent the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit. President Obama has charted a new mission for NASA to lead us to a future that builds on America’s legacy of innovation and exploration. Democrats reformed the patent system to speed approval of investors’ patents and provide alternatives to wasteful litigation. (emphasis added)

If you're looking for what the Democrats plan for space in the next four years ... You'll have to look elsewhere.


  1. Funny thing is... republic platform "section" isn't any more specific or less vague. DNC just boiled it down to one sentence.

  2. My suspicion is that the platform writers were told to say as little about space as possible so as not to offend the porkers in Congress. Certain members are so paranoid that the White House is conspiring to kill SLS that they threaten to cut commercial crew in retaliation. So my guess is they probably thought it was best to say nothing.