Friday, November 30, 2012

Filming the Cape

Click the arrow to watch “X Minus 80 Days,” about Explorer 1.

The Air Force Space and Missile Museum has begun a YouTube channel, along with a Twitter account @afspacemuseum and a Facebook page.

Eight videos already are on the YouTube page. My favorite is X Minus 80 Days, a 1958 21-minute documentary about Explorer 1, the first U.S. satellite. The documentary was a joint production by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Army Ballistic Missile Agency.

In January 1958, when Explorer 1 launched, NASA did not yet exist; it began on October 1, 1958. JPL and ABMA were Army operations. JPL was transferred to NASA in December 1958, and remnants of ABMA eventually followed in the early 1960s.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel, because lots more historic documentaries will be online soon.

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