Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Commercial Crew Update

Click the arrow to watch the commercial crew press conference on YouTube.

NASA and its commercial crew partners held a 106-minute press conference today to provide an update on their progress.

The video of the event is above. NASA has also posted its 54-page Powerpoint presentation as an Adobe Acrobat .PDF file; click here to download.

Florida Today has posted a preliminary report on today's event. More reports will be posted as they come online.

UPDATE January 20, 2013 — Here are the latest articles on the Commercial Crew update:

Florida Today “NASA, Partners: Commercial-Crew Flights on Track”

NBC News “U.S. Spaceship Ventures Plan to Send Test Pilots into Orbit as Early as 2015”

Orlando Sentinel “SpaceX Plans to Launch Humans into Space in 2015”

Parabolic Arc “NASA: Commercial Crew Program Moving Along Nicely”

Popular Mechanics “The 4 Spaceships Vying to Send Crews to the ISS”

Spaceflight Now “Company Test Pilots Slated for First Commercial Space Flights”

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