Sunday, February 10, 2013

Escape from Apollo

Click the arrow to watch the Florida Today report, including an interview with Rep. Bill Posey. You may be subjected to an ad first.

Space correspondent Todd Halvorson of Florida Today reports on the history of the emergency escape system at Launch Complex 39 designed for the Apollo program.

Deep beneath NASA’s twin launch pads at Kennedy Space Center are catacombs where few have ventured, mysterious rubberized rooms and hardened survival shelters.

The chambers are critical components of a system that would have whisked Apollo astronauts and pad workers toward safety if a fully fueled Saturn V moon rocket leaked propellant or, even worse, exploded.

The latter was not considered survivable.

The online version of the article includes the above video, which has a clip from a documentary by BBC science historian James Burke. The full version of that clip is available on YouTube at this link.

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