Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Click the arrow to watch the Delta IV WGS-5 launch on YouTube.

United Launch Alliance launched the Boeing Delta IV yesterday with the WGS-5 communications satellite payload. Florida Today reporter Todd Halvorson writes about the launch.

The launch was at sunset, so the vapor trail lit up colors of pink and orange due to the angle of the sun on the horizon. You'll see the four boosters separate, and near the end the fairings separate from the payload.

I'd hoped to film the launch out on NASA Causeway about four miles from Launch Complex 37, but had another commitment so I didn't make it there in time. I filmed it instead from our neighborhood in north Merritt Island.

You'll notice cars driving along, the drivers oblivious or apathetic to the launch. This happens all the time. Some folks around here don't seem to care. Almost no one comes outside to watch.

When we moved here four years ago, we encountered people who said they wished it would all shut down so there would be less traffic and noise. They didn't seem to realize that their jobs were linked to the success of Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. I've come to realize that some people around here gripe for the sheer joy of griping.

Anyway, enjoy the video, despite the noise.

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