Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Day in the Life of XCOR

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It's been an interesting 24 hours for XCOR Aerospace.

Founder Jeff Greason Chief Operating Officer Andrew Nelson did a two-part interview on, the online video home of The Wall Street Journal. One segment (above) talked about the XCOR business model, while the second segment (below) talked about pending regulations to prevent XCOR from selling its spacecraft overseas.

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This evening, the Orlando Sentinel broke the story that NASA Administrator Charles Bolden will be at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to announce that NASA will lease the former Shuttle Landing Facility to Space Florida, which will make the runway available to private users such as XCOR.

According to the article, “participant flights” could begin as soon as 2015.

Nelson said that a deal to locate at Kennedy Space Center is “99 percent of the way there.”

It doesn't mention KSC — yet — but if you want to book early check out the Space Expedition Corporation brochure marketing XCOR Lynx flights.


  1. Founder Jeff Greason? That's Andrew Nelson.

  2. Sorry about that. Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.