Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Suitor for LC-39A

An artist's concept of a Blue Origin orbital reusable booster system. Image source: Blue Origin.

Space News reported on July 12 that SpaceX appeared to be the only bidder to take over Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad 39A.

It appears that their report may have been premature.

Now Space News reports that Blue Origin also submitted a bid for LC-39A.

Privately owned Blue Origin of Kent, Washington, also responded to a NASA solicitation for proposals for Launch Pad 39A, company president Rob Meyerson told SpaceNews July 16.

“Blue Origin is considering various sites for our orbital launch operations, and submitted a proposal to NASA related to KSC Launch Complex 39A. We look forward to further discussions with NASA and Space Florida about the possibility of bringing our launch and vehicle assembly operations to the KSC area,” Meyerson wrote in an email.

To quote from their web site, “Blue Origin, LLC is developing technologies to enable private human access to space at dramatically lower cost and increased reliability. We’ve adopted an incremental approach, with each development step building on the prior development. We are currently focused on developing rocket-powered Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing (VTVL) vehicles for access to suborbital and orbital space.”

Their web site shows plans for both orbital and suborbital vehicles.

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