Friday, November 15, 2013

Buran Plus 25

Click the arrow to watch a Roscosmos feature on the 25th anniversary of Buran. It's in Russian but fun to watch.

November 15 is the 25th anniversary of the lone flight of Buran, the Soviet version of the U.S. space shuttle.

Buran was an obvious copy of Shuttle, but unlike the American version it flew its lone flight without a crew.

Spaceflight Now has an article on Buran and photos.

YouTube has a series of videos from 1986 of a Buran test article taking off from and landing on a runway, something the U.S. prototype Enterprise never did. Click here to watch the first of the videos. The Soviets strapped jet engines to their prototype to conduct approach and landing tests, unlike Enterprise which was released from the back of a 747.

The above video was released today by the Russian space agency Roscosmos to reflect on the 25th anniversary. It's in Russian, but you'll get the idea. The Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser makes an improbable cameo near the end.

For more information on Buran, visit

Buran launches on November 15, 1988. Image source: via

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